Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Birdhouses and serendipity

100312_ in Olly's garden #2

This is the home of a couple of blue tits... they have been coming each Spring for the last 5 or 6 years... faithfully.

Unfortunately this home is no more. Yesterday morning a big fat cat sat on the house (try saying that fast) and took it off the fence. Fortunately our wee family hadn't laid any eggs... no one was hurt... not even the cat... although I will if it comes back to Olly's garden.

130312_ Our new bird house

Anyway... on Saturday, for Mother's Day, the girls bought Olly this fantastically bright and gaudy birdhouse. It was meant to be decorative... a colourful addition to the garden... but it is now in use!!!

130312_ Our new bird house has a visitor no1

Talk about serendipity... who would have thought, when we bought the new birdhouse, that it would become the new home of our wee family... especially so soon after we bought it?

130312_ Our new bird house has a visitor no3

It really did make my heart sing to see them this afternoon.


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