Sunday, March 11, 2012

My thoughts on "Ólgusjór" by Lockerbie

Every-so-often I hear something that is just so wonderful it stops me in my tracks. To be honest, it's been happening more and more lately... maybe I am becoming more selective or maybe the quality of the music I listen to has increased significantly... I don’t know but either way I am thoroughly enjoying what I am getting the opportunity to listen to.

One such album that made me stop and listen is “Ólgusjór” by the Icelandic band, Lockerbie. My initial thought was that they were a less ethereal, more straight-down-the-middle Sigur Ros (please note: I am a huge fan of Sigur Ros). This isn’t a lazy join-the-dots comparison... musically they genuinely sound like Sigur Ros... and I, for one, can not get enough of them.

For the rest of the review... please visit my post on thisisnotascene

Please Note: 
I received this album to review for Alternative Matter and thought it wasn't going to be used... so I posted it here instead. Turns out it was used at thisisnotascene instead... so I've truncated my post here so Google doesn't have a fit.

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