Sunday, March 18, 2012

My thoughts on Incoboto

After recently posting a YouTube video about Incoboto... the beautifully designed iPad game... I decided to download it and have to say... it is an awesome game!

The gameplay is delightful... it is, in essence, a puzzler with really immersive visuals and a lovely soundtrack by the game's creator Dene Carter (which can be bought for £2 from Bandcamp).

It's a wee bit fiddly to start with... but once you get a hang of controller-less navigation on the iPad... there is no stopping you.

I thoroughly enjoy playing it... and am slowly working my way through the levels. I wish it was possible to just stop and soak in the ambience... but that kind of defeats the point of the game. That said... I did download the OST too so I can bask in the music... away from my iPad.



Link to Incoboto in the iTunes Store

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