Monday, March 12, 2012

Listening to... Globetronica's broadcasts

I have a soft spot for "global beats"... that catch-all term for electronica-infused world music. I'm not sure how I got into this wide and all-encompassing genre... I think it could have been my love of reggae, dub and One Giant Leap... or it could be the Future World Funk compilations I had on vinyl... I'm not too sure.

Anyway... I some how came across the Globetronica website recently and have been smitten by their podcasts. The have three main broadcasts:

  • "The Globetronica Broadcast"... an eclectic and deeply exotic two hour show that features the best music from around the world.
  • "Frequent Flyer"... a deeply chilled hour long mix intended to make your journey above the clouds a peaceful one.
  • "Yoga Sonic"... another chilled hour long mix... this time it is intended as the backing for a yoga session or a post-session come-down.
They also feature other DJs but I haven't been as interested in those mixes... the work of DJ Pathaan is more than sufficient for me just now.

I have spent most of this afternoon working my way through the second instalment of each of their broadcasts. The Frequent Flyer and Yoga Sonic mixes make for excellent listening material at work... when trying to remove distraction and focus... and The Globetronica Broadcast transitioned nicely from the office to the gym via my commute home.

I would heartily recommend these mixes... each of them displays both a breadth and a depth of content... in their own unique ways. In fact, the Yoga Sonic mix I listened to earlier got me thinking about restarting my yoga practice.

If you are looking for something different to listen to then you can do far worse than checking out these mixes... they are now in my Downcast and I anxiously await fresh material.

I haven't check out the Magazine and Reviews sections of the site but I will... I have a feeling this site will become an important music site for me in the near future.


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