Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Three recent reviews... on Alternative Matter

"...This album was 70 minutes of sheer unadulterated, undiluted delight. From start to finish. 
I am of the opinion that everyone needs a little prog in their lives and I can’t think of a better release that has dropped recently."
"The Antikythera Method" by Centric Jones via Alternative Matter

"This is comfort food for the ears. If Alan Rickman from “Man vs Food” were to challenge this release… this delicious slab of sonic soulfood would win… hands down… especially after listening to the ninth track “greenie beanies”.

Do yourself a favour… download this album… put some headphones on… lie back and crank it up. You will thank me.

"Rainmaker" by Thriftworks via Alternative Matter

"There is such diversity of sound that it just makes my heart sing: drones… field recordings of crickets and the gentle trickle of water… chanting and subtle ethnic percussive moments… all coming together and working to make something sincerely beautiful."

"Cahokia" by Steve Brand via Alternative Matter

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