Monday, March 26, 2012

Loving... the artwork from Futuresequence's releases


This morning I received a copy of the "Good Evening, Ghosts EP" by Radere... from Michael Waring, the man behind the awesome Futuresequence. I hope my review will be posted on thefuturelements shortly... if you like ambient soundscapes then you'll love it, imho.

Anyway... what I got thinking about while I was contemplating the EP was how brilliant the artwork is for each of the Futuresequence releases. They are wonderfully unique and really capture the essence and spirit of the music they represent.

I hope Michael doesn't mind... but I've embedded them here for your viewing pleasure:



"I'll Make You Quiet" by Radere

"A Dream In Blood" by Sun Hammer

"Within That Aura" by Widesky

And finally...

"Good Evening, Ghosts" by Radere

Hopefully you'll agree... truly first class!


The Sequence3 cover can be purchased as an A3 print here. If anyone wants to get me one... please feel free :-)

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