Saturday, March 31, 2012

Loving... the surreal art of Damon Pla

Crescent Moon :: 16" x 24" Acrylic on Canvas

When I make a connection with someone via social media, I look them up. I don't just follow anybody... I look for something we can share.

I met artist Damon Pla on Twitter and I was blown away with his surreal art... which is, btw, only a small part of what he does... but it was the work that I really got.

I think the paintings I've included in this post are stunning and truly ripe for posters... one of which - Harvest Moon - was used as the 2011 Rehoboth Film Festival Poster. These are BIG paintings... the bottom two especially.

Seriously, this is my kind of art and I'd love to see him work on album covers... I could really see these paintings on a 12" vinyl cover.

At the bottom of this post I have embedded a short YouTube timelapse video that show Pla in action... it's something else entirely.



After I posted, Damon contacted me with some images, links and this piece of news:

"This summer I will be creating a huge time lapse in which the camera will travel on a track around my studio while I create the painting taking each frame while jumping in the air to create the illusion that I will be floating around the painting while it is completed. My homage to gravity."
Can't wait to see that!

Harvest Moon :: 25" x 35" Acrylic on Gallery Wrap Canvas

Enlightenment :: 36" x 54" Acrylic on Gallery Wrap Canvas

Inner Light :: 38" x 62" Acrylic on Gallery Wrap Canvas


Agapi Sea Glass said...

Im just one of Damon's many fans and he is an amazing artist! love his surrealism, it feels like you are in the painting themselves. Thanks for featuring his talent, well deserved.

Agapi Sea Glass said...

Thanks so much for sharing the talent of Damon! I am a big fan of his outstanding art. I feel Im actually in the paintings when I see them they are so real.

Cousin Silas said...

Thomas, Damon's artwork is pretty damned impressive. As a kid I was blown away by seeing some of the more surreal work of Dali (long before I discoverd Ballard loved Dali). I can see the influence of Dali here (as Ballard is an influence on my music) and it's terrific. Well done to Damon, and to you for bringing it to our attention.


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