Saturday, March 03, 2012

iOS app 90º features music from The Echelon Effect

The iOS puzzler 90º features the brilliant post-rock soundscapes of the Echelon Effect as its soundtrack... I can't stress how much this enhances an already great wee game... it adds an immersive quality that is simply brilliant.

The crazy thing is... it isn't even mentioned in the developer Widebeam Digital's promo blurb. For me its a unique selling point... and got me thinking... imagine if indie developers used the music of indie musicians... it would be a great revenue for both parties... I for one would buy a game if it featured one of my fave musicians... I mean, I did with 90º.

The game itself is fab... a real treat for puzzle fans... something different and very imaginative... centred around innovative gameplay and a beautiful design, as you can see from the screenshots.

Recommended... especially considering it is a universal app.


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