Friday, May 04, 2012

Loving... "Continuo V​-​VIII" by Earlyguard

Earlyguard is a master of droning ambient soundscapes and I am forever indebted to him for his gift of music. He is currently working through a massive body of work entitled ”continuo” and I recently received the second instalment in the series to listen to and provide feedback on.

Epic is too small a word to describe these four longform pieces whose combined length comes in at 198 minutes. These are pieces to get lost in... to let go and allow the mind to wander. I, for one, welcome the opportunity this release gives me to do this.

The ebb and flow of the individual pieces is delightful... unhurried... relaxed... deliberate and mindful... and I really connect with them in this regard.

I do worry sometimes that we’re losing our tolerance for longer forms of media... we’re becoming more impatient and less willing to accept the drawn out... we want the tabloid journalism rather than the indepth analysis. We’re becoming conditioned to fast as the only appropriate delivery method when... sometimes... slow is just as, if not more so, important. The kind of longform ambient drones Earlyguard produces with such veracity are the equivalent of slow food or indepth journalism... pieces to be savoured... or to be dipped in and out of... but mostly to be given the time to be enjoyed.

I would, in this light, heartily recommend the second part of Earlyguard’s ”continuo” opus. It is suitable for folks who have experience with drones as much as fresh blood coming to the genre with new expectations.



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