Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Please help out Leonardo Rosado and get some awesome music in return

My dear friend, label head and ambient musician Leonardo Rosado was robbed over the weekend and needs your help. I'll let him tell it in his own words:

Due to having had my apartment robbed some very important items were stolen, among them my laptop and my SLR digital camera.

As you can imagine this is not only an horrible situation but it also cripples a lot my ability to make music, and run normally the two labels I run (FeedbackLoop Label and Heart and Soul Publishers).

Fortunately I had finished my latest album and now I am releasing it so I can buy at least a new laptop to be back to my activities as soon as possible.

I am aiming at a value of 2000€ so if you can help me by buying my album I would be very thankful.
Rosado is a key player in my musical community... and I stumped up the 6€ without hesitation or, in fact, streaming the album first. His music is first class and I would highly recommend it.

I've embedded the album below to allow you to have a listen. That said... if anyone deserves your help... Rosado does. He's a giver and it's time for his community to give back.


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