Sunday, May 27, 2012

Summer Bottled... a jaunty tune and a sweet USB

The folks over at Carling Zest sent me this mixtape-on-a-USB-stick recently. They are promoting their new beer with a music promo and since I like my tunes and blog about great music... they thought I'd be a good person to have a wee listen.

Of the three musicians featured - DJ Yoda, Jaguar Skills and DJ Food - only the DJ Food track really grabbed me... but then I'm a fan of theirs and glad they were chosen to feature in their promotional activity. I've embedded the video for you to check out below. It has a really delightful retro feel about it.

I like their approach to making the music... using samples of their samples, so to speak. The cut-and-paste style using these samples reminds me of Hexstatic from the turn of the millenium... and the awesome Matthew Herbert. They have an app out that allows you to try your hand at making music in this manner too. Go here to give it a go.

Now... what is a tea-totaller like myself promoting a beer... well, the nice folks did give me a fab wee USB stick that is shaped as an audio cassette... and I was taken with it as an artefact.

I can't comment on their beer or if it is as zesty as they claim... but the USB, on the other hand, is a fab device and one that has real potential within the DIY independent music / netlabel scene. I'm not sure how much they cost to buy... but at 4gb I could put a number of weareallghosts releases on it or my musician friends could sell their whole back catalogues and make it something special... USB sticks in their present form factor (unless they are Mimobots) just aren't sexy... this one is... and has the potential to be customised further easily with a sticker.

So yeah... enjoy the tunes, have a wee play with the app, drink their beer sensibly and consider ways you can support great independent music.




Alibaba have a good selection of Cassette USB drives... go here to see them.

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