Sunday, June 24, 2012

Amanda & Cameron's Wedding Reception

0230612_ Amanda & Michael
Amanda with Michael, the best man

Last night... Olly, Dayna, Miriam and I had the privilege of attending the wedding reception of our dear friends Amanda and Cameron Laird... over at the Bothwell Bridge Hotel, in Bothwell.

0230612_ Amanda & Cameron no6
Cameron with Amanda

The above pic is an example of how Cameron looked throughout the night... he was the cat that got the cream!!! and what cream... Amanda looked stunning... she's beautiful inside and out... and he's marrying into one of sweetest families in the world. He's done well!

0230612_ Amanda & Cameron no4
Amanda and Cameron

But then Amanda was very happy too... and she has every right to be... Cameron is a true gent and a steadfast friend... a hard-working sleeve-roller... someone you want on your team or, in Amanda's case, by your side.

0230612_ laughing on the dance floor
Cameron with his mother-in-law sharing a joke with Ian Milligan, the ceilidh band leader

The evening was an utter delight... the opportunity to meet up with friends from the Salvation Army in predominately the West of Scotland. There were so many folks there that I have the upmost fondness for... too many to mention by name. It was simply wonderful to be part of something so joyous... a true ceilidh... a real 'bringing together' of the clans.

0230612_ Leanne no2

It was also a great opportunity to spend sometime with Olly and the we'ans... albeit why are 10 year olds drawn to expensive photography equipment???

0230612_ Olly no3
My Olly... 15 years ago it was our turn

0230612_ Amanda & Cameron with Olly & I
Olly, Cameron, Amanda and yes... me in a bow tie!

What Olly and I particularly appreciated was how free the whole wedding party (Amanda & Cameron + the parents) were with their time... they mingled and really spent time with their guests. As a guest I do appreciate how busy a wedding reception can be and, as such, am grateful for the time given. I think this warmth set this wedding apart... as something very special indeed. Something I am proud to have attended.

I wish Amanda and Cameron God's richest blessing in their continued life together. They make me hopeful for the future!

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