Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Scanned... some more covers from my J. R. R. Tolkien collection

When I was away in Dunfermline... celebrating my 15 year wedding anniversary with my wife Olly... she spoiled me. She let me indulge one of my greatest pleasures... hunting for Tolkien books in charityshops.

Whilst away I found 5 copies. Dayna then made it 6 by finding a copy of 'The Two Towers' in Strathaven. I've scanned them along with some additional copies that I had up the loft.



My original copy of 'The Hobbit'... must be about 30 years old.

1/5 from Dunfermline

The copy Dayna picked up for me in Strathaven.

2/5 from Dunfermline... the Alan Howe illustration on this one is brilliant!

3/5 from Dunfermline... 1/3 that Olly spotted for me!

4/5 from Dunfermline... 2/3 that Olly spotted for me!

5/5 from Dunfermline... 3/3 that Olly spotted for me!

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