Thursday, June 14, 2012

Some photos from our weekend in Fife

010612_ clematis no1

Two weeks ago... I was getting all excited about spending a couple of nights away in Fife (East of Scotland... just about Edinburgh) with Olly to celebrate our anniversary. On the 21st June, 2012; we'll have been married 15 years.

010612_ Olly no2

Friday centred around shopping in Dunfermline Town Centre... drinking coffee in the sun at the Abbot House which overlooks the Abbey and has the most wonderful garden... with the most delightful clematis (top)... and then going for a lovely meal at the fab Kushi's Indian Restaurant.

010612_ in Dunfermline no1

010612_ flowers no4

010612_ me at the Abbot House

Saturday involved a trip in the car to St Andrews... Anstruther... and then Cupar... with Pippin in tow.

020612_ in Anstruther no3

020612_ in Anstruther no4

020612_ in Anstruther no7

Some would argue that this is the best chippie in Fife... and some would argue it isn't. Olly and I thoroughly enjoyed our hake (me) and haddock (Olly) outside overlooking the harbour... and would recommend it to anyone.

020612_ in Anstruther no9

020612_ in Anstruther no10

Yes... Pippin has her own 'stroller'. She's diabetic and we need to control her exercise. The stroller enables us to take her with us... freeing us up to enjoy the trip WITH her. Oh and it's a great conversation starter!

020612_ in Anstruther no12

020612_ in Anstruther no14

020612_ in Anstruther no15

020612_ Bunting no1

020612_ Bunting no2

Sunday involved spending more time in Dunfermline... a walk in Pittencrieff Park... coffee in Costa (the Abbot House was shut and I couldn't find Starbucks)... and then some more shops... before heading back home to the we'ans.

030612_ in Dunfermline no6

030612_ in Dunfermline no1

030612_ in Dunfermline no5

030612_ in Dunfermline no7

All in... a wonderful weekend away. The only spoilers were the wind... it was very windy... and the short duration... I needed at least one more day in Fife.

That said... any time with my wife is a good time!


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Angus Mathie said...

Lovely set of photographs, Thomas. All the better seeing a favourite part of the world through your lens.


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