Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Loving... the illustrations of Chris Achilleos

I love it when things like this happen! As I went to shut down my MacBook Pro, I took another look at the cover of 'Dr Who and the Loch Ness Monster' and noticed what appeared to be the illustrator's signature. I did a wee google search and budda-bing... I found the artwork of Chris Achilleos... the artist responsible for some of my favourite illustrations as a child.

I really do think his illustrations were fantastic and really captured the imagination of the stories as well as the imaginations of the readers... myself being one of the latter group.

Check out his Dr Who illustrations here :: http://chrisachilleos.co.uk/the-artist/dr-who-illustrations.html.

He has a number of book covers to his credit... most in the more vibrant yet 'traditional' sci-fi / fantasy style. Well worth having a wee browse :: http://chrisachilleos.co.uk/the-artist/bookcovers.html.

Achilleos has a number of album covers to his name too... would love to see him in action again, in this arena.

All in... a wonderfully serendipitous find.



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