Friday, June 29, 2012

Off on my summer holiday

Tonight Olly, the we’ans and I... along with our trusty hound Pippin... break for our summer holiday. We are heading down to Norfolk for a dual-location break... a week at the sea near Great Yarmouth and a week in the city near Norwich.

My plan is to stay away from the internets as much as possible... albeit I will be on twitter now and again... checking into foursquare etc. As such, I've scheduled some content for your delectation while I am away:

1) I have been working on an interview with John LaSala... one of the main folks behind the awesome stories / illustrations / music book and CD package called Foreshadows... for ’this is not a scene’ and while we were talking I asked if he and some of his cohorts would like to complete my wee blog interview... I think most of them obliged! So look out for their interviews over the coming weeks.

2) I have been in dialogue with Gavin over at Twice Removed Records... a micro label from Australia that specialises in deep soundscapes. He was kind enough to give me access to his back catalogue and whilst time has not permitted me to provide reviews of this material... I intend to feature the various releases on his label and embed their music to let you hear them. I will follow up with some thoughts when I return... but I can admit to being very impressed with the content on Gavin’s label... and a wee bit jealous.

Speak soon... and stay curious!



wcs53 said...

I hope you all have a great holiday.

Gurdonark said...

sounds like a blast. I'm long overdue for a holiday, and yours sound fun. I hope you and your family have a great time!


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