Saturday, June 23, 2012

Scanned... our 15th Wedding Anniversary 'cards'

To celebrate our 15th Wedding Anniversary... I actually bought Olly two cards (the lassie at WHSmith's must have thought I was a polygamist or something). One with some beautiful typography (above) and one with a sweet graphic from Quentin Blake (below).

I have a thing for ampersands and the type card's ampersand really spoke to me... whereas I've been a longstanding fan of Quentin Blake's illustrations since I picked up some Roald Dahl books as a child. I thought they worked nicely together.

In return... Olly got me this:

Olly bought me a current edition copy of The Hobbit and wrote her anniversary wishes in the inside. As you can imagine... I loved it... and really appreciated the sentiment.

I hope this is the start of a new tradition for us... afterall, books aren't that much dearer than cards these days and will last far longer.


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