Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Loving the artwork for "The Eve Of Invasion" by The Narrows

I saw a retweet earlier today that intrigued me... I followed it and discovered not only the music of The Narrows but the artwork of Tom Langfield... a graphic designer from Manchester.

I really love this cover and had to feature it on here. I haven't finished listening to the album... but from what I've heard... it has a power and energy that is encapsulated visually in the cover.

I look forward to seeing more covers from Langfield... I think he gets how to make a very appealing cover for the digital arena - his use of bold colour and a sizeable sans-serif font will ensure this cover is equally recognisable as a cover (640px square) above or as a thumbnail (144px square) below.

I would really like to see what he would do with a series of books... I think that would be something special indeed.



PS: I will share my thoughts on the album in due course... it is currently available for Pay What You Want over on bandcamp :: http://thenarrows.bandcamp.com/album/the-eve-of-invasion

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