Sunday, June 17, 2012

What I am reading today...

Graphics: A Century of Poster and Advertising Design 

In the words of Bob Marley... "in this great future, you can't forget your past."

It's an interesting wee pocket book that discusses the history of poster design... it's an easy and informative read. Spent some time with it yesterday in my local library.

Editing by Design: For Designers, Art Directors and Editors by Jan V. White

Not sure how I came about this book but it really appeals to me... the blurb on Amazon caught my attention:

"This completely updated edition of an industry classic shows a new generation of editors and designers how to make their publications sing! Readers will find a treasury of practical tips for helping story and design reinforce each other and create powerful pages that are irresistible to readers. Brimming with hundreds of illustrations, Editing by Design presents proven solutions to such design issues as columns and grids, margins, spacing, captions, covers and color, type, page symmetry, and much more. A must-have resource for designers, writers, and art directors looking to give their work visual flair and a competitive edge!"

Lastly... a wee cheeky Father's Day gift from my daughters... which I love and have enjoyed dipping into in my humble attempt to try to improve myself. It's now at home in my DJ bag and I look forward to referring to it for both work and play.


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