Friday, December 23, 2005

Headphonaught's Fav Things

AKA Please, Please, Please, Please!!!

1) An Audible subscription – For the small price of £9.49 a month (for 12 months) you get an audio book per month. Oh and you also get a free iPod shuffle as a sweetner!!! You can get the whole "Lord of the Rings" unabridged or James Earl Jones reading the Bible.

2) A Flickr pro account Flickr is a great tool for sharing images. My friend, The Soos has some fab pics on his account that I can dip in and out of. I would love the freedom of multiple sets like one for my wife.

3) A Sony PSP (preferably white) Why? To play Wipeout Pure on...

4) An Apple 20” G5 iMac. Love "Front Row" and the cool Remote. Love the built-in iSight camera. Nice piece of kit.

5) The Stussy Sounds box set for Nina's Dance - Stussy have released a full-fat reggae single called "Nina's Dance" which is fab (I have a sample of the song as a ringtone for my K750i). Stussy have also released a special pack with a "Stussy Sounds" t-shirt, the 7" single, slip mats, stickers and cool record centre. Sweet.

6) A pair of Shure E2C headphones - so I can enjoy my iPod while the we'ans are destroying the place. Cheaper than the Bose Quietcomforts and less "bling"... but all good.

7) The Numark iDJ – A mixer for 2 iPods with inputs for decks and things. Takes things to the next level.

8) The Vestax Handtrax portable turntable - I like the idea of buying a record then listening to it...there and then. Makes vinyl more accessible.

9) An iLounge T-Shirt - so I can support my fav iPod fansite and look like a geek.

10) A Hulger handset for Skype and for my K750i. Why? they are cute and novel... and are actually a decent size for long conversations.

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