Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Top Ten Albums of my 2005... and the Winner is..?

OK... so I am cheating here but the two "top of the tree" albums of 2005 were...

"If songs could be held" by Rosie Thomas. What a wonderful album - not what I remember a Sup Pop artist to sound like but kudos to them for developing their roster. Rosie's songs have a familiarity and warmth about them and yet they sound so fresh and new... The instrumentation is brilliant and the depth of the lyrics is amazing... "Pretty Dress" and "Let it be me" are really amazing tracks that are just so lovely. This album should be No.1 around the globe! It won't but it should - "without your sweet love... what would life be???" A true classic and worthy joint winner... in my eyes!

The Freeness Project was the other key album of 2005 for me. Why? This album was a worthy winner because it gave me hope... this album is the opposite of the X-Factor... it is the X-Factor's nemisis... It is Godzilla to the talentless show's Mothra. It shows that there is talent in the UK and this reassures me! For those that don't know, Freeness is the first ICEBOX project led by the artist Chris Ofili and is a non-commercial music initiative that aims to celebrate and profile new music of primarily African, Asian, Caribbean and Chinese origin.
I have to say that I'm not a huge hip-hop/garage fan but I can still appreciate all the music represented on the CD. I prefer the first CD to the second because it is more acoustic, soulful and organic in flavour.
Oh and the CD was free... all this talent for free... astounding! Well done to all involved!

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