Friday, December 09, 2005


Flew down to London on Monday night with my colleague, Lorna... Nice flight with plenty of iPod time compared to flights to Leeds or Belfast (approx 2 mins when flying to Belfast...) Took the Heathrow Express into Paddington then got a cab to Portman Square.

We stayed in the Radisson there. My room was nice enough for an overnight...

Managed to get to wagamama near Selfridges... It was good but the service wasn't as good as Glasgow.

Went to work the following day after a mega-breakfast. Took the Tube from Oxford Circus to St Pauls. It was great to be in the London office and my boss was impressed with the presentation Lorna and I had been working on...

Went for a walk around St Pauls... got loads of photos, which I have posted to my Flickr a/c. It was a nice experience to be in London and see this amazing place of worship.

Getting to the plane at night was a nightmare... Got the tube from St Pauls to Notting Hill Gate... then got the District line to Paddington. From Paddington, we caught the Heathrow Express to Heathrow... and managed to get on the BMI flight by the skin of our teeth.

When I arrived in Glasgow, I got the best feeling when I was met by Olly and the we'ans. It was a lovely trip... fuelled by loads of caffine and Japanese food... Hope to do it again, soon.

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