Thursday, December 08, 2005

Miracle on 34th Street

Kog Cafe are showing the original "Miracle on 34th Street" tonight... Jon and Rosco are going with me to check it out...Olly is working on the we'ans playhouse.

I have time with the manager of the Cafe to talk about the overall concept... and pitch some ideas (DJ/Fund Raiser night etc)

If you are in or near the Merchant City in Glasgow tonight... come along around 1900hrs... No door tax - just buy a coffee in the Kog.

Looking forward to it!

Checked out Kog tonight with Jon and Rosco... and left entertained and encouraged... The cafe is contemporary in the front space and boho-chic in the back... The film was shown in the back space which was filled with mismatched sofas, candles and seat...looking onto a stage where the film was projected. It was cold but the coffee and the ambience (loads of candles and friendly people) made it a wonderful place to watch a wonderful film... Got a tour of the basement from JonaThankU (my mate who is involved there) and there is so much potential. I never got a chance to speak to Jake, the manager, but I will come the new year.

I left inspired and encouraged... It can be done! Now I need to make my dream happen... dv...

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