Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Top Ten Albums of my 2005... 4, 3, 2...

Number 4 was/is a left-field suprise - "Hold your colour" by Pendulum. Aussie boys doing drum 'n' bass is not automatically appealing... when I think D'n'B - I think Bristol / Inner city blues / Goldie / Brown Paper Bag / Roni Size etc... but Pendulum's album is seriously seminal. It is bleeding edge and yet really accessible. My girls call it Bump Bump music and it sounds fab blasted in the car.

In at number 3 is "Bebel Remixed". I love Bebel Gilberto. Her first album "Tanto Tempo" is one of my fav albums of all time! Unfortunately, I didn't quite get the follow up "Bebel" - it seemed a backward step... a wee bit too traditional and conservative... it did until the Remix album was released, that is... Not only do the remixes create fresh new interpretations, they also make the source material relevant. Each track on the album, including the bonus disc, is valuable and unique and vibrant. I especially love Tom Middleton's remixes of "Simplesmente"... especially when heard on his Mix Mag cover CD mix (August 05). This album should be the benchmark for all other remix albums. First class.

At number 2 is "Takk..." by Sigur Ros. "Takk..." defies definition. The soundscapes created by Sigur Ros are exquisite - delicate and unique yet powerful and dramatic. Remind me of the Scottish hills and being outside - exposed and, at times, uncomfortable yet happy and at peace. Absolutely amazing!

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