Sunday, December 25, 2005

Truly blessed!

AKA our family and friends are SO generous...

1) Olly signed me up for an Audible subscription and I got an iPod shuffle as a sweetner!!! I now have the unabridged HOBBIT and the NEW TESTAMENT (Message Translation) downloaded and on the Shuffle. THANK YOU!

2) I have blogged this already but the Soos has signed me up for a Flickr pro account - Look out for pics of today. THANK YOU!!!

3) Surprise of today was a WHITE... all the way from Japan... Sony PSP with Wipeout Pure! Olly is SO sweet - Love you honey!

4) Margrave of the Marshes - John Peel's biography. Thank you Robert! John was an inspiration and I regret not treasuring him enough. At least I can read his life story.

5) The complete series of "Firefly" on DVD - The Soos has turned me on to Josh Whedon's follow up to Buffy and I really dig it. I now have the whole series to watch... tomorrow!!! Thanks Mom & Dad-in-Law!!!

6) The Wagamama cookbook from Janey and Rosco - superb! Thank you!!! Love the food and hopefully I will be able to enjoy more of it.

Olly got loads of money for the sales, D&G perfume (as smelt and liked on the Soos' girlfriend...), the new Tim Hughes CD and a new Message Translation Bible.

The girls got the log cabin they wanted (although it was a wee bit too cold for them to play in it), Hitatchi DVD players and tonnes of games, DVDs and dolls.

We received loads of pressies... too numerous to mention... We are truly blessed with kind and generous family and friends! We send our love to you and thank you!

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