Monday, December 19, 2005

Top Ten Albums of my 2005... Runners Up

The soundtrack to The Chronicles of Narnia is first class and a tribute to the composer - Harry Gregson-Williams. I really love the atmosphere that the music creates... it matches the film and yet transcends it. Better still... Imogen Heap, Alanis Morrisette and Tim Finn add great tracks... I especially love "Can't Take It In" by Imogen Heap. Sweet.

"The Understanding" is Royksopp's follow up to "Melody AM". It is different from their first in a progression, growing kind of way. There style of electronica has outgrown chilled genres and I like that. Stand out track for me was "Alpha Male".

"Witching Hour" by Ladytron is a great follow up to "Light and Magic". Their form of electronic music is both retro and future... and I dig that.

I love Moby but got to him a bit late. "Hotel" is a great "indie rock" album with some fab tunes, especially the single "Lift me up". Its great to see an artist progress and try different sounds... he could have stayed with a "Play" formula but didn't and I respect that.

I found Matthew Herbert's "Plat du Jour" difficult and challenging but, in the end, worthy of the effort it takes to get it. The effort Herbert has put into the album shows and the politics really add to the experience. Not easy listening but definitely worthy listening.

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