Thursday, December 22, 2005

Top Ten albums of my 2005... More runners up...

Some of the albums I consider for my Top Ten... All worthy of a mention:

"Eye to the telescope" by KT Tunstall is a stormer of a pop album... Its great to see a girl from Fife being so successful and well deserved too if you rate, as I do, "Suddenly I see".

"Demon Days" by Gorillaz is a fantastic follow up. It really made an impact on the charts and Radio 1. They are really pushing the envelope with their vision of music and visuals. You know a band has made an impact when Miriam, my 4 yr old, sings along as she does to "Dirty Harry".

"Be Bop a Nui" by Brother J was a suprise... Picked it up for £1 in Fopp and loved it. I think there is some connection with FAT FREDDY'S DROP - the NZ dub/funk/soul sensation... This is 21st Century soul with amazing instrumentation and beautiful singing from Bro. J - lovely!

"Tourist" by Athlete also made an impact on the charts and Radio 1... and made an impact on Olly and myself... Love "Wires" and can really appreciate the sentiment. We need more music like this on the Radio.

"Tender Buttons" by Broadcast is an interesting choice. I haven't heard all the album but saw them live at the Glasgow ABC. Their sound is more of the same but with more of a groove. "America's Boy" was probably my fav download from iTunes in 2005.

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