Thursday, December 29, 2005

iPod modification continues...

My personal favourite iPod mod of 2005 was Cool Hunting's only-ten-made "Camonano" - I so desparately wanted to win the survey draw but hey... I didn't. They are so sweet and hope the 10 folk who have them cherish them.

The colouring was done by an American company called "Colorware" - they do some fab paintjobs for your fav tech and show Apple some real love:

They can customise and supply Powerbooks / Mac Minis / iBooks and all the iPods. I would love to go daft on Olly and get her a pink iBook and matching iPod. Personally, I love my toys white - That's why Olly got me a White PSP. I do like my white iBook but I have to admit... a yellow one would be SO cool:

Anyway, drooling over... Check them out if you like your tech unique.

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