Saturday, December 10, 2005


Followed a link from Jonny Baker's Blog to the Complex Christ blog who have designed a very funny and cool guide to the various parts of the Church and their beards... I hope they do T Shirts with this design on them because the logo is so sweet. Nice one, chaps!

There isn't, however, a Salvation Army beard... We seem to have a broad beard... John Gowans has a "Jedi" and our officer, Alec Still, has a "Free House"... Robert Johnson, our officer a while back, and Ivor Telfer, our divisional director for Evangelism, both have "Evangelical" beards... oh and there are a couple of "Baptists" in our Corps too...

Check out the Complex Christ blog (link) is really on the cutting edge of what's happening in the emerging church.

Also... check out Ratio - Wilf, the chap who designed the T Shirt, works for Ratio... Their design is excellent and they were rdid the artwork for Shara Nelson's Cooltempo releases.


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