Thursday, December 29, 2005

PSP cases...

I need to get a cool case for my supercool people-stop-me-in-the-street-to-ask-me-where-I-got-it white PSP... Two ideas so far... First one is by Dunhill:

I like the idea of established, traditional fashion houses doing cool cases for pretty new and radical tech. They also do iPod cases and Blackberry cases. I could match all my toys... Link

The second choice is by Brando and its a white leather case. Its nowhere near as expensive as the Dunhill case but is still pretty cool... Link

Logitech do a pretty cool case too that I may check out... but it needs to be white (I am so fussy...)

I'd love a metal case like the one the Soos has... but he got it in Chinatown in NYC!!!

Ah well... I have a new challenge.

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