Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Berits and Brown :: Merchant City

A new coffeeshop / deli opens near my office in the Merchant City tomorrow called Berits and Brown - it looks all posh and fancy... the kind of place Jamie Oliver would shop in.

The Merchant City is bursting with vibrant independents right now... and long may it continue. I think it is actually the last place on Earth without a Starbucks!

I have to say I like what Berits and Brown stand for:
The Berits & Brown delicatessen, located in Kippen, in rural Stirlingshire, Scotland was established to bring high quality, fresh and honest produce from all over the UK (and indeed the World), to local communities. We value quality and flavour above everything and have personally selected a range of exciting foods and wines for you to buy.
I'll check it out...

They have a number of stores across the UK... and even if you can't find one... you can get their gist through the recipes they publish. Nice.

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