Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Bear Grylls & Bremont Watches

I don't watch a lot of TV... Ugly Betty... Heroes... and now Bear Grylls on Discovery (10pm on Mondays). Olly and I are loving his show... he is so inspirational and makes great TV. The basic premise is as follows: he drops into the middle of nowhere... landing in some of the roughest terrain know to man - the Alps... a desert in Utah... the rain forest in South America - and survives.

It is truly amazing to watch him survive... eating maggots... finding water to drink... eating trout raw... making fire with his trusty around-his-neck-at-all-times flint.

He is the anti-headphonaught! I hate running water (no... I'm not a soap dodger... I hate rivers and the sea!) and don't get me started on heights! The show is a white knuckle experience for me... and I love it! Bear - you rawk!

Anyway... I think D is having an influence on me... because I was curious to find out what the watch was that I spotted Bear wearing in his show. Its big and pretty rugged... and looks sweet.


Turns out its a brand new brand called Bremont - a collab between Britain and Switzerland (they use Swiss components and are hand-assembled in in Biel-Bienne).... To be released in limited amounts this summer.

They are starting to turn heads with a number of rugged "ambassadors" such as Mr Grylls... round-the-world yachtsman Mike Golding... Everest climber Jake Meyer... and even a jedi knight! Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman wore them on their motorcyle adventure.

They made Luxist back in March too.

I like new things... and am excited to see a British company enter a difficult and competitive market. I rate their first class choice in brand ambassadors. The value the wish to portray is, in my opinion, honest man-against-nature rugged adventure... and they do this exceptionally well with the people they have on board.

Check them out... and watch Bear when you get a chance. Inspiring!

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Johnny said...

Bear is the man! Top Geezer, & Jesus follower!

Anonymous said...

Great looking watches and cool people to have onboard.


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