Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Nouvelle Vague :: Glasgow :: This Friday

Nouvelle Vague are playing this Friday at the ABC in Glasgow. I am trying to secure babysitters... so Olly and I can go. I am a big fan of their music... love the concept - timeless punk tunes reinterpreted with bossa nova grooves. If you get the chance... suggest you check them out..! and if you are going too... leave a comment and we can try to hook up.

Oh and watch the Cool Hunting video - if you haven't already. Nice interview.

Didn't go... Olly wasn't really up for it today... and I didn't know anyone else who fancied it at short notice. Ah well... maybe next time?

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Chris H said...

Wow - I bet you'll have a fantastic evening.

Laura Whispering said...

Oh man, enjoy! Nouvelle Vague are awesome.


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