Thursday, May 17, 2007


Stack o' books

My mate Stewart has tagged me about books.

I'm not the biggest reader in the world... but I love books. Its just that I don't have the attention to focus on something for too long... and fall asleep way too easily. Anyway...

How many books do you own?

A lot... not sure, to be honest...

What was the last book you read?

Last book I read is at the top of the pile above... Flame in my heart - St Aidan for today by David Adam :: An excellent exploration into the life of St Aidan as researched and imagined by David Adam. He goes into the history and lifestyle of St Aidan - the monk who established the Holy Island of Lindsfarne. Really inspirational for me and a tremendous introduction to Celt Christianity.

What book are you presently reading?

Fourth book from the top... New thinking for a new millennium by Edward de Bono - its a book that explores "what-can-be" thinking instead of "what-is" or "what-was" analysis. Its about designing a way forward instead of using our judgement and potentially repeating the mistakes of the past. Fab!

5 books that mean a lot to me are...

The books in the pile have meant the most to me over the last wee while and have fueled, in part, my desire to shape a new expression of church.

First off, from the bottom up... there is the Message translation of the Bible by Eugene Peterson. I have so many copies of this translation... I love it. EP makes familiar words fresh and new... in a language I use (when I'm not talking Scots... ye ken, pal!) I use the copy pictured in a vain attempt to read the Bible in one year - not going to happen! but I try. I have the Message on my iPod too... and dip in and out when I can.

Next we have Velvet Elvis by Rob Bell - Amazing. RB's take on scripture and its application in our lives was like a breath of fresh air. He unpacks ideas and presents them in a relevant way. He knows his stuff... and his teaching is inspirational. Movement four : Tassels : is just so raw and honest... we need more leaders like RB! I would recommend the audio book too. RB has a compelling voice with a valuable story to tell!

Skipping de Bono... we have Red Moon Rising by Peter Greig and Dave Roberts - Another truly inspirational book... on how PG founded a world-changing movement. I read this in the sun in Italy and was on fire. What PG describes is a wonderful journey into obedience that will change your life... and alter your perceptions of what can be done for God.

After PG's book... we have the classic that started me off on this journey : The Emerging Church by Bruce Larson & Ralph Osborn. What scares me about this book is that it should be dated by it's own admission... and yet it is relevant today. It describes the church that is emerging in the most unlikely places and is a must for anyone interesting in new expressions of church.

Lastly, I will include Flame in my heart as a book that means something to me. St Aidan, as described by David Adam, has really captured my attention and his lifestyle really inspires me. The simplicity and honesty of the Celtic Church of St Aidan's time is something I will draw on for a long, long time!

There are a number of books that mean a lot to me that aren't pictured. Philip K. Dick and Douglas Copeland are two of my fav fictional writers. I am also a fan of James Paterson and Dan Brown too...

I would like to tag the following friends :: Rob GT / Chris / Mr Laird / JD / Laura-Lou / Pernell[ton] / Royzoner / Stevie & Lard

Love you all... and to everyone who reads this and I haven't tagged!
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