Saturday, May 26, 2007

Zidane - a 21st century portrait

Following on in the post-rock-instrumental-soundscapes vein... is the soundtrack to Douglas Gordon & Philippe Parreno's film about Zinedine Zidane :: Zidane - a 21st century portrait by the Glaswegian band Mogwai.

I haven't seen the film... and value the soundtrack as a stand-alone piece of music... an album that evokes movement, grace and beauty... an album that transcends the here and now - replacing it with something magical... something precious. Guitars... Drums... Keys... all come together to create an amazing post-rock ambience... an instrumental collage of sound that moves and grows... evolves... into something special. Like a master craftsman weaving a wonderful tapestry.

I really enjoy listening to this album... I am grateful for it... Its where I am at... Check it out.

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