Thursday, May 10, 2007

Moby helps out indie filmmakers

I like Moby! He's the kind of nice... honest... salt-of-the-earth nutter that I connect with. I have his blog in my google reader and regularly check out his incensed political ramblings... He is American, afterall, and has to endure "Dubya" and his cronies.

Anyway... Moby has updated his main site: with various things... such as a near exhaustive discography and something else that I totally missed: a section on Film Music. Basically, he is giving some of his music away in a creative commons not-for-profit kind of way for all independent filmmakers and students. The music is pretty sweet... it is Moby afterall... and really works in an ambient / background setting.

I recommend you check it out for any podcasts / videos you may have in the off. I may finally get the prayer thing finished.

Lastly, big hugs and kisses to the newly-weds over in Texas. JD spotted the whole film music thing before me... thanks for that bro! However, I am surprised you've got time to surf the web... being a newlywed and all?!?!

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Anonymous said...

Is it really surfing when all the news comes to your Google Reader?
Man I love that thing.


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