Thursday, May 31, 2007

This is me...


I know its vain to post a pic of yourself on your blog... but I just wanted to say that this is me. I'm broken, vain, and selfish... I don't read enough... I don't exercise enough... I am a covetous and compulsive obsessive neophiliac.

But you know something... at the end of the day... I believe God loves me. There is nothing about me that God needs... I can bring nothing to Him... and yet He wants me [for a sunbeam] to come as I am and be with Him.

He is slowly and patiently teaching me how to be content with what I have and, more importantly, who I have in my life. He is showing me that its not about the next things but the real things I have around me that matter.

I love my wife and we'ans... my family and friends... and am grateful for everyone who touches my life in whatever way - past, present and future! You all mean the world to me! I consider you the blessings that I need to count.


Anonymous said...

you are a dude.

caldjr said...

Looking good Thomas. And don't worry, I put a pic of me on my blog the other day - for different reasons though! Thanks for being who you are and letting God guide you to do what you do.
Bless ya pal.

Anonymous said...

On top of those other things, you are a great guy as well... and an inspiration.

Peace from your brother Canada.

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful human being you are !!

Anonymous said...

In God's eyes each of us is unique. Individually loved, purchased, gifted and sustained. However, each of us needs to fully co-operate with the work of God the Holy Spirit in us and through us. The refining fire is a difficult but necessary experience, especially helping us to be usable and have a balanced view of who we are before a Holy God.

By the way, your Mum and Dad still love you (though they say love is blind, Thomas!)


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