Thursday, May 31, 2007

This is me...


I know its vain to post a pic of yourself on your blog... but I just wanted to say that this is me. I'm broken, vain, and selfish... I don't read enough... I don't exercise enough... I am a covetous and compulsive obsessive neophiliac.

But you know something... at the end of the day... I believe God loves me. There is nothing about me that God needs... I can bring nothing to Him... and yet He wants me [for a sunbeam] to come as I am and be with Him.

He is slowly and patiently teaching me how to be content with what I have and, more importantly, who I have in my life. He is showing me that its not about the next things but the real things I have around me that matter.

I love my wife and we'ans... my family and friends... and am grateful for everyone who touches my life in whatever way - past, present and future! You all mean the world to me! I consider you the blessings that I need to count.
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