Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Feasting on my family...


Been fasting from the blog... and feasting on my family [not literally] over the last few days. Blessings are like house value... not much use if you don't stop and appreciate them!

On Sunday, Dayna [eldest child] was 8. EIGHT!!! Where the flippin' heck have those years gone??? I remember her being born... Olly nearly broke my hand as she squeezed her out... I cut the cord then fell asleep - it was 3am - while Olly got some stitches [yet to be forgiven for that!]

Scary how time flies.

viewpark flower fest

On Saturday... we all [including Janey & Roscoe] headed over to the Viewpark Gardens to the annual North Lanarkshire Flower Festival - Its an annual celebration of all things relating to gardening... flowers... compost... you name it. Loads of local craft stalls, displays and educational exhibits... all to the bizarre soundtrack of 70's pomp prog and disco blaring over the tannoy.

Viewpark Gardens

The gardens are lovely... really peaceful and yet lots to see. Their cactus garden is special (as you can see below) with a true variety of our spiky friends:

oooh errr

viewpark flower fest

There was a beer garden there too with music from local acts... I caught a local singer / guitarist who played the blues with amazing vigour and sang with an annoying vibrato... interesting!

All in... it was a great day out... although the rain did spoil it a wee bit - we got caught in a monsoon and soaked through our waterproofs. Usual weather for the west coast!

Janey and Roscoe joined us for food and flicks afterwards... watching Ugly Betty, Dr Who and Nacho Libre together. Good times!

Dayna & Miriam

After church on Sunday... the four of us headed out for food and some together time. Not sure what Dayna and Miriam are doing in the photo... but I was caught red handed pinching some ice cream. Ooops!!!

I am a blessed man... I realise how important my family are to me... and am grateful for their presence in my life. God is good!


I love my wife... and


I love my we'ans! Check out the photos here


Laura Whispering said...

i love seeing pictures of your days with your family - you all look so genuinely happy to be in each other's company.. it's lovely.

Unknown said...

Having just seen 28 weeks later today, the last thing i want toread is that you've been feasting on the family.

Speaking of your family, miriam drew me a picture (It was my head and I think a drumkit) when she was at our meeting at greenock with jane the other sunday, never got a chance to say thanks as colonel napier jumped me and talked about officership. Could you say thank you to her for me? It was awesome, im attatching it to my drumkit at the hall.

weareallghosts said...

Thank you LL... lovely thing to say

Al - Miriam says "You're welcome"... well actually she said "Prego" but it means the same.


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