Saturday, May 05, 2007

lifeiscarbon + "Tetris = Therapy"

I was delighted to find the lifeiscarbon blog through a recommendation from Josh Spear for the band below... Tetris = Therapy. Why? Well I am finding a lot of inspiration coming from my neighbours in Scandinavia - Monocle features a lot of ideas from places like Norway, Sweden and Denmark... design that I find refreshing... simple... modern.

What captured my attention was lifeiscarbon's approach:
Suggesting that lifeiscarbon® is a website about Scandinavian Aesthetics is not strictly true. Whilst it might be our ambition to be a website, or even an online magazine, the reality is that we are merely a weblog that writes about art, architecture, design, fashion and music from Scandinavia. Even that isn’t strictly accurate since Scandinavia is technically Denmark, Norway and Sweden and we try to cover the whole of the Nordic region including Iceland and Finland../

Luckily, lifeiscarbon® is simply a reflection of what we ‘do’ day to day. We go to galleries, visit shops, read books and magazines, listen to music, meet up with companies and designers for a chat over a cup of coffee etc. Since we were doing these things before we started the website, writing it simply enables us to share what genuinely interests us with other people../
I like their attitude and heartly recommend this site. I think there are some parallels of approach with what I try to do here... but better laid out... and maybe more interesting?!?

Photo by Jean-Marc Luneau

Anyway... according to lifeiscarbon ... Tetris = Therapy is a electronica/post rock duo from the small town of Jelling near Vejle in Jutland, consisting of long-time musical collaborators Rune Thomsen and Kasper Husted. They have only been together in this guise since the start of the year and only have an ep... but a couple of the tracks are available on lifeiscarbon or on their myspace page. Its the kind of sound that I love... reminds me of sigur ros without their vocals with an added radiohead seasoning.

foofaraw is such an amazing track... layers of guitars over electronic beats and soothing keys... mellow then intense then mellow again... feels right. I want to hear more from them and would love to see them live.

Check them out! and drop lifeiscarbon into your rss reader.

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Anonymous said...

We're glad you like our website. Thank you for your kind comments and words of support.

Check out almost no words, plenty of moody Scandinavian shots.... but you might enjoy that too.

All the best



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