Tuesday, May 29, 2007

An interesting weekend... part 3

On Monday nights for the last seven weeks or so... we've been running the Alpha Course and the follow-on course :: a life worth living :: at the Bellshill Salvation Army along with the Majors Still.

Olly and I have been leading the a life course... and it has provided us with new insights into Paul's letter to the Philippians... and has brought us closer with the group who we are journeying with. Some of the discussions have been priceless... and to see the progression in the lives of some of the folk in the group has been wonderful.

Its hard work... time is needed for prep and the slides for the songs... Olly is busy in the kitchen and with B*L*O*C... for us Tuesdays are our Mondays - we tend to be knackered by Monday night.

But it is worth it. Its about progression... about moving on... and it is just a blessing to witness this and help people move on. Truly a privilege. One that we couldn't do without the support of the faithful few... and my folks for their babysitting duties.

I would seriously recommend running Alpha and alife at the same time... people enjoy coming together with people... and it allows for a more natural progression within the comfortable rhythm of meal, worship, and discussion.

Try it.

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