Tuesday, May 15, 2007

This weekend :: Gourock / Bellshill

The water

Another busy week... only now do I have a chance to sit and reflect... and type. Spent Saturday and Sunday with Janey and Roscoe at Janey's flat in Gourock. The Bellshill Salvation Army Band were leading the meetings at the Port Glasgow Corps... and Olly and Roscoe were through for that. I love Gourock... I love seeing the water of the Clyde as it flows wide towards the sea...


...and I love the unusual nature of the shops on the main street. Grabbed a coffee in FLAVA... I've had to-go before... and it was lovely to sit for a while an chill (as chilled as you can be with two monsters in tow!)

Olly in Flava

The ambience is practical and stylish... with some great tunes playing in the background - Barry White, Marvin Gaye, Jamiroquai, ELO and some beautiful bossa nova were all in the mix... Lovely!

Olly, Roscoe & Janey

As always... we headed to one of my fav charity shops - the Ardgowan Hospice Shop - for records. I managed to pick up Enya's Greatest Hits (I'm getting to that age) and Dune on DVD for a couple of pound. Olly managed to find a lovely Antoni & Alison overcoat in an all-over pink print for £4... Jammy so and so!!! Random is a value I cherish when shopping... and this shop is pretty random.

Are the doors meant to be open?

After Gourock... we headed to Greenock to pick up some stuff that we couldn't source in Gourock. The shops there are pretty standard... with a few independents. When looking at magazines in WHSmith... I noticed their ATM's door to be open... Somebody is away with a good few grand... and the lassie I told couldn't have cared less. Crazy!

Coming Soon

I spotted this poster which delighted me... and saddened me in equal measure. Happy because Fopp rawks!!! Best record shop in Glasgow. Sad because there was a wee independent 100 yards or so from this poster. They are going to suffer because of Fopp. Shame.


On Saturday night and Sunday... the Bellshill Salvation Army Band led worship at the Port Glasgow Corps. They played some fab pieces... especially some of the Army musicals from their latest CD.

Olly singing

Olly sang on the Sunday night and also on the Sunday afternoon. She made me proud, as usual, with her choice of song and her singing. Beautiful!

Combined bands marching

After the Sunday morning meeting... the combined bands went on a march of witness through the streets of Port Glasgow. Powerful sight to see... and an amazing sound. Stirring.

The Port

The Corps at Port Glasgow are going through a really hard time just now... Politics and shocking arrogance have contributed to a sad state of affairs. Please remember the Corps in your thoughts and prayers... I believe the band's blessing should not be under estimated... they were needed... and were used!

I left half way through the afternoon meeting to get back to Bellshill for the evening meeting there. Capt. Alec needed some help with the multimedia... He needed some ambient music for a prayer time - When I survey the wonderous cross by Iona - was just perfect for this time.

Later on... at SNAC... about 40 folk gathered for a time of sharing with worship, readings and testimony. The evening really worked with a number of people sharing their experiences. The change in some lives is amazing... and Olly and I are just so grateful to be part of something like this.

We had a period of reflection and response... with Olly and Bobby playing all your anxiety by the Singing Company... and attendees leaving a prayer at the Mercy Seat. Beautiful to be part of!


On Monday night... we had the 4th evening of the Alpha & A life Worth Living courses. BLOC played some lovely worship... and Nicky Gumble presented, via the wonder of DVD, the A Life course. Olly and I picked up the discussion afterwards... and were just blown away by the response. People are on fire... and it is such an amazing experience to witness.


Today... I got a surprise call from Jon G... and joined him and Kevin Mac for lunch in Wagamama. Thanks for that, bro!

Me and Mr MacDougall

Its been a busy few days... but rewarding and fun. One day I'll maybe get a rest... although I doubt it with Olly and the we'ans running about daft.

Good times!


Johnny said...

Ah...Gourock & Port Glasgow - memories of childhood! :-)

Captain Andrew Clark said...

I love the picture of the bands....they seem to be about to head up a one way street the wrong way...not sure if that is prophetic or pathetic!! :o)


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