Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Workin' from home

Working from home today and tomorrow... drawing LOVEM diagrams for the operating model I am working on. I volunteered to do it because I am sad and love geeking out in Visio ((don't worry - I am seeking professional help for this!))


Had a pretty frantic day yesterday in Leeds... Got the train from the 'Well at 0714hrs and didn't get back until approx 2000hrs. I love slumming it in First Class - got a ton of work done... and the coffee kept me going. On the way home... I managed to watch an episode of Heroes on the ol' iPod, read some of the de Bono book I am reading, and listen to some of St Matthew's Gospel too... which was cool.

Its a long day on the train... but worthwhile just for a view like this:

view from the train

or this:

view from the train

Got home to a warm welcome from my life and the we'ans... Good times!

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