Friday, May 25, 2007

Constance by SouthPacific

OK... I'll admit it... I like rock music... there, I said it. Sure I like obscure netlabel electronica made in a bedroom in Latvia or somewhere... but I have to be true to myself... I love guitars.

Been listening to a lot of more "classic" rock recently... Led Zep... Janis J... The Bees (yes... I know they are not classic but they are real close)... The Beatles... as well as bands that come into the "post-rock" category, such as Sigur Ros and the fab SouthPacific...

SouthPacific are or should I say were a three piece Canadian band who recorded one album on the now defunct Turnbuckle label... they quit in 2000 or so. Constance is a masterpiece of mostly instrumental "spacey" psych post-rock that just chills me out... Their music has a timeless "floaty" quality that sounds like the kind of music used in films when the character is motionless and the world is zooming past way too fast.

This album was a gift from a special someone who I've lost touch with... I'm not sure if that's why it is tinged with a sense of melancholy or if its just a by-product from the band's sound.

Either way... this is a future "classic" that you must own. Check it out.

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