Sunday, December 14, 2008

I Love Starbucks' CHRISTmas Blend

I am loving Starbucks' Christmas Blend coffee... because it is made with my favourite ever beans - Old Brown Java:
...Some estates age a portion of their coffee for up to three years. During this time, the coffee is "monsooned", by exposing it to warm, moist air during the rainy season. As they age, the beans turn from green to light brown, and the flavor gains strength while losing acidity. These aged coffees are called Old Government, Old Brown or Old Java.
Its a shame the blend will be gone after Christmas... just like Gingerbread Lattes. Ah well... one more thing to look forward to next year.

I love Old Brown Java because it reminds me of Olly. Before we were married I used to go through to Hamilton at the weekends. I would meet her for lunch on a Saturday (she was working in Woolworths) and we would eat at a local coffeehouse. It was there that I fell in love with Old Brown. I had fallen in love with Olly a long time before!

What's your favourite bean (or leaf)... and why?

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