Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Top Ten 2008 :: From ten to six...

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Here's the countdown of my favourite albums of 2008 :: from ten to six...

Number 10 - Third by Portishead

This album was worth the wait. An album filled to the brim with sonically challenging ideas and truly progressive focus. This is what I said about it previously...
It is sonically dense... with a deepness about it that demands your attention. Its not as sample orientated and that's a blessing... this isn't a rehashing of Dummy but something new and intriguing. The standout track for me, so far, is the opener :: Silence :: which builds with a hypnotic rhythm and a density of sound that is surprising for a "commercial" release.
The band approach works. Love it.

Number 9 - Peaceful the world lays me down by Noah and the Whale

Picked this album up in a post-Administration Woolies while off out for the day in Fife with my beloved. The CD became part of that day... and is linked to those fab memories. As I said previously...
This album is awesome. Some new folk music with beautifully uplifting lyrics and a stonking good-time vibe.
It is a good-time album... enhanced by the backing vocals of Laura Marling. This album gives me hope for modern pop music.

Number 8 - Tonight it shows by Cantaloup

This album is available for free download from Aerotone... and when you listen to it you will marvel as I did that this is a netlabel release. It is awesome! As I said...
Another fantastic download from Aerotone that is one of the best albums that I have heard this year. Impressive electronic ambience with some delicate acoustic guitars and ethereal vocals Eva Paul. Truly brilliant!
It has a beauty that just gob-smacks me every time I listen to it. Essential.

Number 7 - Dear Science by TV on the Radio

I purchased this album recently for £3 from Amazon.co.uk on a whim. It was getting some big praise and I was curious. I am SO glad I picked it up. It leapfrogged 32 albums that I had enjoyed to land in 7th place. I can't get enough of it. It has a fresh complexity of sound that is so engaging and enthralling... it is addictive... I want to listen to this album to hear something new... as well as to appreciate the variety of sound. I am glad this album is on my iPhone and iPod.

Number 6 - Fleet Foxes

There is something about this album... something beautiful... something special... that makes it an essential listen. I'm not sure if its the Americana vibe or the Beach-Boys-esque vocal harmonies... but it is an excellent album and one worthy of a high placing in my top ten. It reminds me of a thrift store tee-shirt... it has a worn and soft feel but still feels fresh and new... if that makes sense? Lovely.

Five to go... will post on them tomorrow.

Oh and please appreciate this is all said as/in my humble opinion. I am not a music critic but a lover of music... I am not trying to "sell" you anything but to recommend music that stirs my soul. If you don't get it... then no worries. But I do get these albums and am enriched because of them.

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