Sunday, December 07, 2008

Trip to Fife :: Been shoppin'

New Shoes

I am a consumer. I admit it. Did a wee bit of shopping while away this weekend. You know me... sneaks and tunes.

Picked up the above shoes for a RIDICULOUS price!

The top pair are by Puma - "Don Jon's" - and they were £4 less the VAT reduction from TKMaxx. They have flouro yellow elastic instead of laces and this sweet perforated upper that shows the Puma "tag" below. I like them... although Olly has her eye on them too.

The bottom pair are by Gola from a bargain shoe shop ( and were... wait for it... £1.50. Yes... that's right... cheaper than a filter coffee in Starbucks (although that says more about Starbucks' prices). They have this fab Velcro fastener that is cool. They are grey, pretty plain and nicely low-key... which adds to their cache. More a summer shoe but sweet nonetheless.

I also picked up some awesome tunage...

(left to right)

I picked up Glo by Delirious? for £1.99 from Oxfam. Its their album from 2000. One that I didn't have and one that just rocks! Truly beautiful worship music that isn't as instantly accessible as World Service but is awesome after a few listens. Great in the car.

The middle album is Peaceful world lays me down by Noah and the Whale which I picked up for £4.37 in Woolies. Felt like I was looting the place. Shame they are in trouble. This album is awesome. Some new folk music with beautifully uplifting lyrics and a stonking good-time vibe. Possibly a top ten album of 2008.

The album on the right is a 1997 Orbital album called Middle of nowhere that I picked up for £2.99 in Oxfam. Its an awesome album... full to the brim with powerful techno soundscapes. Post-Snivilisation and pre-Blue Album... it joins the dots and makes for an exhilarating listen. Alison Goldfrapp sings on a couple of tracks which sweetens the deal for me. Lovely.

Support charity shops... you never know what goodies they have.

Good hunting this weekend.

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