Saturday, December 13, 2008

New Tunes for Advent...

A couple of albums that bring a new dimension to Advent...

First off... we have 8bit Jesus by Dr Octoroc - 9 carols reinterpreted into short bursts of 8bit computer music and given away as a free download. Ideal for ringtones and fillers within your seasonal mixtapes... these tunes capture the essence of the carol in a specific game style. For example... Jingle Bells is done in a Super Mario Bros style.

Another album that's worth checking out is Divine by The Violet Burning. Never heard of the band before... but really appreciate their take on classic carols... and their kind gift of this album as a free download. Edgy rock with an independent mindset. Well worth checking out.

Thanks to my tweeple (JD & Teressa) for the heads-up to these albums.

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