Monday, December 01, 2008

...just wanna say that church i think should be everything

I received this message in response to my Twurch (Twitter + Church = Twurch) from a good pal of mine, Lauren. I thought I'd share it... because I think its a beautifully simple commentary. I haven't edited it (other than corrected some spelling mistakes because I am like that) and think its rawness is well worth passing on...
Hey Thom tom, fit like? Hope all is well with you crazy cats, i just your read your bloggie thing (i don't normally read blogs) dunno why i read it... I'm not being nosey or dat, hahahaha...but its a great expression of who you are and if we are serious about this cafe its important to get to know you....anyway... haha ramble bramble
just wanna say that church i think should be everything (including you bloggie)...cos its suppose to be a hmmmmmm i dunno the word?? (well not a physical place like a building) but a group of people, loving and worshiping God, If you feel that your living the gospel, worshipping God online then...woooo!! someones got it right!! For GOD!!! that's why he makes us all different, that's why jesus' disciples were all different cos we have different means of worship!! Lets face it, if church was in the same building forever i think we'd get pretty bored.. I mean looks whats happened to me!! i feel restricted in a church building at the mo, cos i think the world outside the church is in need of a loving God, who's already there but hidden behind all the wrong of this world!!! i feel some people are scared of truly following Jesus cos it means maybe changing a million things about their life (i say that cos i think to be a follower of Christ you should be different!!! like live differently so that people say why???? why...because of Christ!!!) i think people gotta look at the building blocks (hahahah don't laugh) of church the fundamentals...why they are there in the first place and really rethink what church is!!! I'm not having a dig at church cos giving people a security (as in a roof over their head and a warmth that churches do have) proper respect to church for doing that, but church is whatever you want it to be!! so keep loving and worshiping God the way you your online thing, cos that's a community in need of help too!!
hehehehe blah blah i need to study!!!!!!
Sometimes we need a fresh perspective on things. Thanks Lauren!

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