Wednesday, December 10, 2008

New Toy... Nikon D60

There is a distinct irony in calling the D60 from Nikon a toy. This isn't a toy. Its a pretty awesome entry level digital SLR camera that I am humbled to be able to afford and eager to share with Olly.

Over the weekend we both realised we both have a passion for photography and want to explore this hobby together. The iPhone has an OK camera that is enhanced with the use of apps such as camerabag (see the pic above for an example). It is also enhanced by the immediacy of being able to upload straight almost instantaneously using apps like LifeCast. Even with these features it will never be better than good.

We have a wee 5mp fuji compact camera that we will continue to use... it will complement the Nikon and our iPhones... but its time to up our game.


This is the first pic from the Nikon. It will take a wee while to learn all the bells and whistles... but to be able to take a pic like this pretty much straight out the box is pretty awesome (the ability to do so... not my pic)

Miriam's bracelet

I haven't had a lot of time to play with the camera... but I intend to. I plan to learn, with Olly, all the bells and whistles... and share the pics here and on Flickr.

I thank God for this blessed opportunity and dedicate my output to Him.

Top picture posted with LifeCast... the words and remaining pics were posted later.


Anonymous said...

Using the iPhone camera to take a picture of the "real" camera? ;)

Angus Mathie said...

Hope you get a lot of enjoyment from the D60. Will look forward to the photographs you take with it.


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