Saturday, December 20, 2008

Top Albums of 2008 :: An introduction...

Its about that time of the year... where I acknowledge the best albums of 2008.

Over the next few days I will narrow down the 28 albums shown above to a "top ten" and then, ultimately, the top album of this year.

This is all subjective... of course... and I would welcome your input / comments.

I have added the two Nine Inch Nails albums for consideration... thanks to Adam for reminding me... they bring the total to 30.


Lurch Kimded said...

Annoyingly I only seem to have 10 albums that were made this year... that being said I have at least 8 on a wish list :)

From what I have I would have to say that Portishead's Third was an interesting album and a welcome return. The free albums from NIN were equally welcomed... but I currently find myself unable to find a favourite, although the new discovery of Thrice comes close who released Alchemy Index Vol 3 and 4 this year which has the following...

I shall have to give this some thought, and I await your shortlist :)

Laura Whispering said...

Noah and Laura. The end. :)


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